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What They Talk About When They Talk About What

"Over the past few years I have been watching Leslie What blossom from a nice little comic talent into a great big scary comic talent."

–Damon Knight

"Leslie What's stories have the power to strike an emotional chord in me, and whether that chord summons tears or laughter it is deeply satisfying."
–Kate Wilhelm

"Things the Mirror Sees does what speculative fiction ought to do;  it provides us with a wonderful piece of alien viewpoint. The true and best piece of speculative fiction is changing the nature or perception by giving us something new or truly marvelous to consider."
–Don Webb

"Hera follows Zeus to a bar, watches him hustle a ditzy blonde, transforms herself into a microscopic mite, mates with other mites, transforms the blonde into a bag of marshmallows and makes up with Zeus. This is a story?"

"What do you mean you don't like tongue? You loved tongue. You used to eat it all up. Don't tell stories."
–Leslie's Mom, 1927-2009. May her memory be for a blessing.