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City of Weird

I've lived in the city of weird for most of my life, but it's mostly been a milieu of my own making. Now, there's an anthology called "City of Weird" http://www.forestavenuepress.com/city-of-weird-features-30-supernatural-portland-stories/ that's chock full of fun, surprise, and real and imagined weirdness from the city that competes with Austin over the Who deserves the slogan Keep ___ Weird?

The anthology was edited by Gigi Little, who also designed the cover, and was published by Forest Avenue Press. My story, "Trainwreck," is included, and I'll admit the story started out as lighthearted fun before my unconscious mind took over and gave it more depth while still trying to keep it funny. Check out the anthology and join me if your can at the Powell's book launch (after your break-the-fast). I'll be reading later in the month at Broadway Books, where I hear our reading is being enabled by Voodoo Doughnut, which leaves me wondering if I need to bring my own munchies for the part in the story where my characters pause to eat.

Oct. 25, 2016: City of Weird, Broadway Books, Portland, OR. Sponsored by Voodoo Doughnut. Come in costume! With Kevin Meyer, Leslie What, Jeff Johnson, Stevan Allred
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